Max Bramer

Professor Max Bramer

Emeritus Professor of Information Technology, University of Portsmouth, UK
Honorary Secretary, International Federation for Information Processing
Chair, British Computer Society Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence

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Max Bramer

FP-growth: Frequent Itemset Generation Using Frequent Pattern Trees

This program is provided to support the description of the FP-growth Frequent Pattern Trees algorithm given in Chapter 18 of Principles of Data Mining by Max Bramer. The default data given and the default minsupportcount setting (3) lead to the orderedItems array shown in Figure 18.1 (Page 275). Removing the items not in orderedItems and sorting the remainder into descending order of frequency gives the five transactions shown at the end of Page 275.

The program generates all the frequent itemsets for a given set of transactions whilst examining only a proportion of the infrequent ones.

Enter transactions below, one per line. (Items may be separated by either a comma or a space, as specified in the form below.)

Field separator comma    space


Maximum number of items in an itemset    

Display Transactions     Display Frequencies     Display nodes/nodes2 Tables
Display frequent itemsets and infrequent itemsets examined